Here at SEO Marketing Specialists we provide affordable seo services and marketing alternatives for business at the local and national levels.  If you find that you want to drive qualified leads to your business through SEO Marketing, while branding your company online and slashing your costs in the offline advertising world, then you have come to the right location to assist your business in making itself a success in an environment that is dependent on the Internet.

Marketing TeamMany businesses do not realize the number one thing they need to take into consideration when it comes to their business.  The most important thing for them to take into consideration is their reputation.  Unfortunately, most business owners are not aware of their reputation online and our aim is to help you as a business owner understand the importance of your reputation.  To find out what your online reputation is please enter your business phone number in the box below.

Our goals here are to provide our client base a high level of services so they can personally experience the benefits of online marketing.  Each of our clients are extremely important to us and we have a wide range of services to help them in their hunt for success in SEO Marketing.  Obviously in our current economic times, finding affordable SEO services to market your company that maintain a high level of quality is not an easy thing to do.  Here at SEO Marketing Specialists we differ ourselves from the crowd and work with you depending on your particular marketing budget.

In order to learn more about our services please call us today at 386-243-0019 and we will provide you with a 100% free consultation into what would best serve your business with SEO Marketing.

Toots Sweet“Working with James has been a pleasure.  He is knowledgeable about the subject matter at hand and his attention to detail coupled with his dedication to customer service creates an atmosphere for success.  I am very pleased with the results and I highly recommend James to anyone looking for more exposure on the Internet.”
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Do you currently find yourself in a position where your present method of advertising is providing you with more business than you can possible take on?

What would it mean for your business to be on page one of the search results for your SEO Marketing efforts?  Obviously, by being on page one of the results your business will land more qualified leads and allow you to dominate your local competition.  Our team of trained experts here at SEO Marketing Specailists are here to provide you with the abilities to make your company a lead generation magnet with clients wanting to do business with you on a daily basis.

  • Fact – 98% will not go past page one of the Google search results.  So it is important to understand if your business is not on page one of the search results you are in a digital ghost-town.Obviously the way advertising is conducted today has drastically changed and if your business is not being found on page one of Google than your SEO Marketing efforts are not being used properly.  It is critical for business owners to understand that print advertising is a thing of the past.  You have to look at it like this, ask yourself the last time you opened the Yellow Pages to find a business?  The bottom line to this fact is if you can not be located on page one of the search results, you are losing major business!
  • Fact – 43% of searches performed on Google will also include a zip code or city.It is easy to see the power behind this particular fact and it is a clear indication of where you should be placing your advertising efforts.  It is clear to see that your efforts need to be placed in obtaining a page one search result for your business within the search engines.
  • Fact – 61% of individuals that found a company from searches conducted online ended up conducting business with them.By advertising with care and intelligence you will quickly be able to have more sales and leads for your business!
“I am very grateful for the superb work & professionalism of SEO Marketing Specialists!!  Their social media design has shown me the way to successful marketing by way of robust technology that I can make available to all of my friends, family and future business prospects. Not to mention, my page was up & fully operational in as little as 24 hrs, what a tough act to follow!”
Brian Ridgway - Realtor
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